Residential Tenants

The Denver Metro Area is a growing community with growing housing needs. Eloquent Property Management and Design was established for the common investor with the common consumer as the exclusive interest. Everyday we are expanding, gaining more responsibility, and creating more incentives. Make sure you ask about our move in specials; Inquire today and Enjoy tonight.

Whether you want to begin or start a new; by relief of responsibility the benefits of Eloquent Property Management and Design are as follows:

  • Peace of mind
  • Management on Call 24/7
  • Seasonal Property Care
  • Property inspections.
    Professional Agreement Between Owner(s) and Management as well as Management and Tenant(s).
  • Clear pre-arranged non-negotiable collection, living, and payment agreements.
  • Trustworthy Application Process
  • All Application Approvals or Denials are based on:
    • Income
  • Job History
    • Credit History
  • Eviction
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure
    • Criminal Background

The Offer

  • Are move in specials include a 10% move in discount for a six month lease and a 20% move in discount for an annual lease.

Parties & Responsibilities

  • Tenant(s) – Care of property and paying rent on time.
  • Eloquent Property Management and Design – Management; Administrative, Marketing, Negotiations, Finance, Maintenance Calls, and Inspections.

Forms/Document Downloads