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People move on average every 5 yrs. To get into contact with a Realty Agent I suggest contacting local offices and shopping around at events such as "Open Houses". Leads are generated this way and business relationships are formed based on the home buyers or home sellers needs. Also, Realtors make use of or should be directly or indirectly within your "Sphere" of Influence=family, friends, other relatives, groups...

8 Ways to Expand Your Sphere of Influence, or SOI, is your most important referral source for new business. This is the most cost efficient way to grow the circle of people who know and like you!

Your SOI is engaged by simply letting the people in your life know who you are, what you do, and that you are available for business in whatever form.

Here are some ways to grow your SOI:

  1. Build a presence on social media.
  2. Wear your real estate marketing scheme.
  3. Talk to people!
  4. Join a networking group.
  5. Leave your card everywhere.
  6. Utilize your email contacts.
  7. Volunteer at community functions.
  8. Network with other real estate agents.

All correspondence is regulated or revised by any parties Real Estate attorney and should be mentioned as such for example the following headers and footers should serve purpose on contracts and correspondence.

The printed portions of this form, except differentiated additions, have been approved by the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

NOTICE: The preparer of this appraisal is not registered, licensed or certified as a real estate appraiser by the State of Colorado.

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A lead-based paint disclosure should be displayed along with a pamphlet titled "Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home"

Everything is determined through contract but in instances of HUD purchases and some "AS IS" terms... The “AS IS,” “WHERE IS,” and “WITH ALL FAULTS” terms also mean that the buyer assumes the risk of a latent defect rearing its ugly head post-purchase. If you meet an instance of dispute you may seek Liquidated Damages that including the Earnest money, or good faith deposit, which is a sum of money you put down to demonstrate your seriousness about buying a home. OR the default Specific Performance which is a specialized remedy used by courts when no other remedy (such as money) will adequately compensate the other party. If a legal remedy will put the injured party in the position he or she would have enjoyed had the contract been fully performed, then the court will use that option instead.

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