Property Owners

Every home is different but managed accordingly. We take complete pride in keeping homes occupied by great tenants and satisfying the expectations of our owners. Every day we are expanding to further meet your needs. Through are incredible Annual Business Assessments process we keep compfortable rates and offer incentives to both investor(s) and tenant(s) apart. It’s all about satisfaction of our overall business and service structure.

Whether you want to begin or start a new; by relief of responsibility the benefits of Eloquent Property Management and Design are as follows:

  • Peace of mind; No constant bother, hassle, or worry.
  • Seasonal Property Care
  • Property inspections.
  • Professional Agreement between Owner(s) and Management as well as Management and Tenant(s).
  • Clear pre-arranged non-negotiable collection, living, and payment agreements.
  • Trustworthy Application Process

The Offer

  • Monthly 5% Management Fee

Parties & Responsibilities

  • Owner(s) – Ultimate decision maker in quotes yielded from maintenance and service calls.
  • Eloquent Property Management and Design – Management; Administrative, Marketing, Negotiations, Finance, Maintenance Calls, and Inspections.